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Virtual and You — How to Maximize Success in Your Next Energy Job Hunt

Join us for this SPE Live session focusing on Virtual and You — How to Maximize Success in your Next Energy Job Hunt? As the workplace continues to evolve in the “new normal”, the workforce must continue to adapt its job-hunting skills to find future employment in the virtual age. This panel will answer questions that can help you land your next job: To reinvent or not to reinvent? What is the role of my virtual profile? How to deal with automated (bot) recruiting; and what are the most effective approaches to virtual job hunting?

Guest Speakers include:
Amanda Rico, Résumé & Editorial Specialist, Rico Editorial
Dan Saleh, Managing Director, Element 6 Recruitment
Pauline Greenidge, Founder and Principal, Upward HR

The panel will be moderated by
Susan Howes , Vice President of Engineering, Subsurface Consultants & Associates, LLC