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Collaborative Planning Solution for Optimizing Subsea Assets

The field development planning phase for subsea assets requires the evaluation of numerous options, but the traditional process is cumbersome and can easily overlook less obvious options, variables, and concepts due to a lack of data connectivity and collaboration. This can impede the multidisciplinary teams involved in the project from reaching an optimal solution as they typically work sequentially or optimize design requirements for individual functions rather than the project as a whole. On this episode of SPE Tech Talk, SLB discusses its powerful collaborative visualization platform Subsea Planner and its integration with the cloud-based power of the Delfi digital platform. Subsea Planner on Delfi enables exploring multiple technical scenarios and eliminates challenges by providing a collaborative, efficient solution for determining the most agile, performant subsea asset plan. The result is an accelerated development of an optimized design that takes all variables into account.

Moderator: Zachary Evans
Speakers: Cedric Chidiac

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