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Building the Capacity to Fail Safely into Field Operations

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Course Credit: 0.15 CEU, 1.5 PDH

Traditional safety practices have greatly reduced the number of workplace injuries during the last several decades, but life-ending events have declined at a slower rate. To further reduce serious and life-ending events, Quanta Services developed The Capacity Model™ and is changing the way they approach safety.

At the core of this model is a human performance philosophy which embraces the fact that error is normal and people will make mistakes. That acknowledgement, coupled with an increased understanding of how people interact with their work environments, enables Quanta to more effectively identify hazards and put in place targeted protections (controls).

This presentation will cover Quanta’s approach to safety and the four main elements of The Capacity Model™:

STKY (Stuff That Kills You): A concept that focuses on hazards that can seriously injure or kill people
Energy Wheel: A tool to equip workers to recognize sources of energy to determine controls needed
STKY Controls: Controls necessary to prevent or mitigate a life-threatening, life-altering, or life-ending event
Operational Learning: A method that brings people closest to the work together to create a shared understanding of the context of how a particular work activity actually gets done

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Barbara Cristinziani