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Introduction to Facilities Sand Management

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Course Credit: 0.15 CEU, 1.5 PDH

Facilities Sand Management (FSM) is tasked with the goal of ensuring sustained hydrocarbon production when particulate solids are present in well fluids, while minimizing the impact of these produced solids on surface equipment. Conventional sand management focuses on sand exclusion from the wellbore, either by production limits or completion design. Improper or failed completions result in high levels of sand production, and even proper completions will still pass some quantities of sand. An inclusion paradigm that all oil & gas wells produce sand, either now or in the future, deals with co-production of fluids and solids. A solids handling methodology incorporating separation, collection, cleaning, dewatering, transport, and disposal into new or existing facilities simplifies production operations, extends facilities life, restarts shut-in wells, can improve total hydrocarbon recovery, and allows sustainable hydrocarbon production.

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C. Hank Rawlins