• Liner Drilling: A Simple Solution to Complex Drilling Challenges - Steven M. Rosenberg

    Liner drilling has steadily evolved as an accepted means for mitigating drilling hazards. When encountering well hazards in harsh drilling environments, conventional mitigation techniques can be insufficient, and liner drilling systems are a relatively simple and highly effective solution compared to other drilling hazard mitigation techniques. The liner is the bottom hole assembly (BHA) and is conveyed by drill pipe, much like a conventional BHA. Liner drilling requires virtually no rig modifications for deployment, which makes it an attractive means for immediate and efficient mitigation of hole issues. This relative simplicity, coupled with the fact that liner drilling can isolate drilling hazards like lost circulation and related wellbore instability in a single hole section, make this technology a key mitigation tool in the driller’s toolbox. The case histories presented in this lecture will demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach.

    This lecture will show the level of complexity that directional liner drilling systems have over non-retrievable liner drilling systems. It will also demonstrate the versatility of liner drilling systems because they allow integration with other emerging technologies, such as managed pressure drilling and continuous circulation systems for more effective management of narrow pressure window scenarios. Deploying liner drilling systems with circulating and cementing systems operated by radio frequency identification (RFID) can optimize hole cleaning and eliminate mechanical intervention during cementing operations.

    This talk presents an overview of liner drilling applications, including the equipment and engineering required, and illustrates instances where the application of liner drilling was the only viable option to save the well.

    This presentation is from the Distinguished Lecturer 2020-21 season.

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  • Liner Drilling: A Simple Solution to Complex Drilling Challenges - Steven M. Rosenberg