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Applications of Petroleum Geochemistry Featured Image

Applications of Petroleum Geochemistry

Demonstrates uses and limitations of geochemical techniques and their importance in exploration and production. Presents appropriate sample selection and preparation, as well as analytical techniques used in laboratories. Reviews and integrates basic source rock and crude oil evaluation programs into more advanced basin study and modeling programs.

Petroleum Geochemistry Featured Image

Petroleum Geochemistry

Understand geochemical concept of origin and occurrence of petroleum. Describe its composition and classification of oil and gas. Identify source rock based on geochemical analysis. Understand correlation of source rock with subsurface hydrocarbon accumulation. Upon completion of this course, the learner will be able to: understand composition and classification of oil and gas, understand types of kerogen, generation, expulsion and migration of petroleum, describe principal tools and methods for evaluation of source rock, interpret source rock quality and maturity, and evaluate 1-D maturation model.

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Introduces the chemistry and classification of oil well cements. Discusses the use of additives, API testing requirements, and slurry flow properties. Describes cementing equipment, procedures, and evaluation techniques for primary and remedial cementing.

An Overview of Quantum Computing Featured Image

An Overview of Quantum Computing

This presentation aims to introduce you to this exciting and rapidly advancing field. We'll start by outlining the present state of technology development and then discuss some details. We will examine how a quantum algorithm is constructed to help you understand its unique characteristics, limitations, and potential to significantly improve the performance of some applications and generate entirely new applications.