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Transforming and Accelerating Field Development Planning Featured Image

Transforming and Accelerating Field Development Planning

In this SPE Tech Talk with SLB, we explore the benefits of cloud technology and the opportunities provided by connected workflows, how different domains can be brought together to collaborate in one environment, and how scenario management and evaluation can be used to support the decision-making process.

Introduction to Process Safety for Upstream Oil & Gas Featured Image

Introduction to Process Safety for Upstream Oil & Gas

The purpose of this course is to introduce engineers and other professionals to the basic principles of risk-based process safety management. Through text, brief videos and games, students will learn how these principles can be applied to the upstream oil and gas industry to reduce risk and prevent injuries & environmental incidents.

Rock Properties and Mechanics Featured Image

Rock Properties and Mechanics

Identify rock mechanical properties from core, cuttings and electrical logs. Use analysis to address issues related to fractures, subsurface pressures, subsidence and compaction. Illustrate an understanding of rock properties that effect seismic response. Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to: define basic rock mechanical properties, describe how they are measured, understand the differences between laboratory measurements and in-situ properties, predict formation subsurface pressure environment and principal stress directions, and define properties that effect seismic response and how these properties relate to AVO effect.