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Meet the SPE Board of Directors: The Importance of SPE

In this video series, SPE Board members describe the importance of SPE and explain why it is needed now and in the future. They also share examples of how serving on the Board of Directors has helped shape their professional career development. SPE is governed by a 20-member Board of Directors composed of member representatives from around the world, including three officers and 17 representatives of geographic regions and technical disciplines.


Learning the Ropes with SPE Online Training Courses

Whether you are looking to continue your professional development or stay current on the latest industry topics and trends, SPE's Online Training Courses offer content to suit your learning needs. These courses cover a wide variety of technical topics and are easily accessed through channels, tags, or discipline functionality. Find related content live and on-demand on Energy Stream today on the new Online Training Courses channel.

SPE Certification and PE Exam Review Featured Image

SPE Certification and PE Exam Review

This preparatory study course will share best practices for engineering professionals getting ready to take the professional registration or the SPE certification exam. Duration: 13 hours, 5 minutes Expiration: This course expires 12 months from date of registration.

Introduction to Process Safety for Upstream Oil & Gas Featured Image

Introduction to Process Safety for Upstream Oil & Gas

The purpose of this course is to introduce engineers and other professionals to the basic principles of risk-based process safety management. Through text, brief videos and games, students will learn how these principles can be applied to the upstream oil and gas industry to reduce risk and prevent injuries & environmental incidents.

Overview of the Energy Transition Featured Image

Overview of the Energy Transition

In this course, we focus on several key aspects of the energy transition, starting with the scientific basis of global warming and the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on our climates. We also summarize the UN Paris Agreement and the aspirational target of limiting global warming to a maximum of 2°C by 2050. We review the historical energy supply, demand, and greenhouse gas emissions to date, and the options available to reduce CO2 emissions. We then turn to the drivers and projections of a lower-carbon energy future through the rapid expansion of affordable renewable energy resources, hydrogen production, the reduction of methane emissions, and carbon capture and storage opportunities. Lastly, we discuss three critical requirements to achieve the net zero goals.

Personal Creativity Featured Image

Personal Creativity

This course addresses Personal Creativity. Through tools and exercises drawn from Adrian Brown's book, Creativity & Innovation, it seeks to help unlock the creativity within individuals.

Personal Branding Featured Image

Personal Branding

This course focuses on teaching you how to brand yourself professionally. What is brand? And how do you maintain your personal brand? The assignments in this course discuss the value of personal branding, the way to craft your personal brand statement, and finally, the best methods for communicating your personal brand to clients, employers, and other industry professionals.

Networking for Success Featured Image

Networking for Success

Networking has become a significant part of the professional process, altering the way both entrepreneurs and organizations do business. This course will help you to improve your personal and professional networking skills by providing best practices and effective tips and techniques.

Finding Purpose in your Career Featured Image

Finding Purpose in your Career

Whether you're just starting out in the workforce or changing careers, it is important to understand how the job you perform contributes to your sense of fulfillment in life. This course prompts you to examine various job settings and functions, comparing each against your own preferences, values, and expectations, in order to determine the best job fit for you.

Communication and Network Security Featured Image

Communication and Network Security

This course covers topics related to communications and network security. It begins with a lesson in the different types of networks and different transmission technologies. It also covers the two main models that govern how networks work: the OSI model and the TCP/IP model, as well as their related layers. The course includes a detailed discussion of the many protocols that allow networks and network devices to communicate with one another and includes a discussion of firewalls and wireless networks. This course is designed for IT professionals and other adult learners who are interested in gaining an introduction to information technology security.The content in this course aligns with Domain Four in the CISSP exam, offered by (ISC)2. However, the course can be taken as a stand-alone without the intention of sitting for the exam.

Introduction to Data Analysis Featured Image

Introduction to Data Analysis

Whatever your profession. Whatever your field. As a professional, and certainly as a leader, you will be asked to make a decision based on data. This course will introduce the different types of decisions made in an organizational setting, why quantitative analytics is important, and how data quality can affect decision making. Since quantitative analytics is used in various settings, this intermediate-level course also offers insight into how research is used in different sectors. From a management perspective, the course highlights appropriate quantitative methods and ways to ensure quality and accuracy through research design.

Ace Your Job Search! Featured Image

Ace Your Job Search!

This introductory-level course helps learners craft a resume that is targeted, elegant, and effective. It continues on to cover interviewing skills, focusing on the interview preparation and the five stages of the interview process. Finally, the course will help learners formulate winning answers to difficult interview questions.