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Technical Director Series: Challenges and Technologies for Maximizing the Value & Life of Completions

Members of the Completions and Production Disciplines face numerous common challenges in trying to maximize the value and life of completions. This SPE Live discusses how:

  • Life-of-well plans and downhole data requirements will impact Completion equipment selection and installation.
  • Good data & state-of-the-art analysis techniques are required to identify good & high risk re-stimulation candidates.
  • The probability success of re-stimulations depends on decisions made, equipment used, and data collected during the initial completion.
  • Most of the components that are critical for the utility, longevity or re-purposing of wells are specified and installed by the Completions Team.
  • Well Integrity is a common concern for the Completions and Production Communities, particularly in areas where CCS and CCUS projects are being considered.

The importance of the worldwide reach of the various SPE Technical Sections is discussed in this context. Guests:

Moderated by Bob Pearson, 2019-2022 SPE P&F Technical Director, and Petroleum Engineering Advisor at Glynn Resources Ltd. Held on Monday, May 15, 2023