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Unconventionals : Shutting-in Production & Long-term implications

This #SPElive panel addresses long term implications of shutting-in well production in unconventional plays such as the #PermianBasin. The slump in oil demand arising from the #Covid19 global recession and fallout from OPEC+ suggests that production curtailments through well shut-ins may reach 1.5 million B/D by June. Widespread shut-in of horizontal production wells in unconventional plays is rare, so the long-term reservoir response is uncertain. Potential risks range from surface equipment operations to changes in downhole pressures, fluid distributions, and chemical reactions. What is a good shut-in candidate? What information is needed? Companies must juggle different business needs vs. the subsurface conditions; the two will not always line up. The panel of experts will debate the many potential risks, including changes to high water cuts, so characteristic of shale oil production, well profiles, cross-flow between wellbore stimulation zones, fracture, and proppant conductivity as a consequence of pressure and fluid redistribution. Are there any upsides? Is reservoir re-pressurization possible and a positive effect on production re-start. Critically, the panel will address what information is readily available to make practical decisions on shut-in candidates, procedures, and the evolution of better practices.

• Eric Gagen – formerly Coiltubing Partners / SLB
• Lyle Lehman – Frac Diagnostics
• Buddy Woodroof – ProTechnics/Corelab
• Nur Wijaya – Research Fellow, Texas Tech
• Erdal Ozkan – Colorado School of Mines, SPE Technical Director (Reservoir)

Tom Blasingame – 2021 SPE President