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Advancing Rod Lift Design: Integrative Stress and Fatigue Models

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Course Credit: 0.15 CEU, 1.5 PDH

The webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of both traditional methodologies and forward-thinking approaches in the field of rod lift technologies. Recognizing the successes of historical practices in API design and rod lift systems, the presentation will introduce an expanded framework that encompasses multidimensional stress factors. These considerations aim to enhance the existing models by integrating innovative contact stress models, thus offering a fresh perspective on lift system optimization. A portion of the discussion will be devoted to contrasting continuous and conventional sucker rods, shedding light on the nuanced advantages and potential applications of each within modern industry practices. Furthermore, the webinar will dissect the progression of fatigue models, spotlighting the strides taken to bridge the gap between theoretical predictions and actual performance. The session offers a balanced examination of established models, acknowledging their enduring value while also delving into how the infusion of contemporary approaches can offer alternative perspectives and potentially lead to incremental advancements in the field. Designed for industry professionals who aspire to integrate classical wisdom with innovative strategies, this webinar will serve as a platform for discussing the multifaceted nature of rod design and the promise it holds for the future of lift system engineering. All content contained within this webinar is copyrighted by Luis Benavides and its use and/or reproduction outside the portal requires express permission from Luis Benavides.

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    Luis BenavidesLuis is a highly motivated licensed Professional Engineer with a 15-year year career in the Oil and Gas industry. His experience with notable companies has endowed him with considerable expertise in materials R&D for downhole equipment. He possesses a solid foundation in materials engineering, managing projects from the initial design phase through to thorough laboratory and on-site testing. Skilled at navigating intricate technical challenges, Luis excels in process troubleshooting, optimization, and maintaining rigorous quality controls. His strong background in material testing, failure analysis, and application assessment is a testament to his ability to address complex issues with precision and insight.
    With a deep understanding of both scientific principles and technology, Luis thrives in multidisciplinary teams, consistently delivering engineering solutions that propel applications and operations forward. His proactive nature and decisive actions are matched by a commitment to continual learning and innovation, always seeking to expand beyond traditional industry confines to discover and develop new solutions. This dedication, paired with his ability to draw on diverse experiences and collaborate effectively, reveals a professional drive that's both humble and technically adept.