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SPE Live: Main Takeaways from SPE Europe Well Integrity Workshop 2024

Join us for an SPE Live episode on “Main Takeaways from SPE Europe Well Integrity Workshop 2024” with a recap of the biennial SPE Europe Well Integrity Workshop held on 5-6 March 2024 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We will provide a summary of great discussions held at the workshop with the short summary of each session:

  1. Setting the Scene for Well Integrity in the Energy Transition
  2. Leading practices within Well Integrity
  3. Understanding and Managing Risk
  4. The Challenges of Regulating Well Integrity
  5. Well Integrity for CCS
  6. Digital Well Integrity
  7. Measuring What Matters
  8. Future-proofing Well Integrity

A Q&A session will then follow with questions from the audience, answered by our speakers:

Moderated by Ainur Kaken, SPE Well Integrity Technical Section Chair.

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Held on Wednesday, April 9 , 2024