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Introduction to Process Safety for Upstream Oil & Gas Featured Image

Introduction to Process Safety for Upstream Oil & Gas

The purpose of this course is to introduce engineers and other professionals to the basic principles of risk-based process safety management. Through text, brief videos and games, students will learn how these principles can be applied to the upstream oil and gas industry to reduce risk and prevent injuries & environmental incidents.

Oilfield Safety Featured Image

Oilfield Safety

Introduces principles and general procedures for managing emergencies, reporting and investigating accidents, and maintaining safety in day-to-day activities. Addresses hazards that are common to most oil and gas sites, emphasizing awareness, planning and training as keys to preventing accidents.

Microseismic Studies of Reservoirs Featured Image

Microseismic Studies of Reservoirs

This course introduces the basics of using microseismic surveys to study hydrocarbon reservoirs. A microseismic survey is a 3D technology used to monitor subsurface processes by analyzing microearthquakes. Microearthquakes occur when production, injection or hydraulic fracturing cause changes in the pore pressure of a hydrocarbon reservoir that trigger slippage on bedding planes or fractures. The course begins with basic topics required to understand microseismic events and then discusses applications of microseismic surveys. Among the applications are monitoring fracture stimulation operations and relating production to microseismic data. The course includes examples, exercises and offers a list of digital papers for those interested in more information about a particular topic.

Mud Logging Featured Image

Mud Logging

Demonstrates the techniques of conventional mud logging during the preparation of a formation log and accompanying event reports. Presents the rate-of-penetration curve, lithology plot, total gas curve, gas composition curves and descriptive track. Also discusses the use of mud logging in overpressure recognition, hydrocarbon evaluation and non-hydrocarbon gas detection. Summarizes computer-based data acquisition and measurement-while-drilling techniques.

Drilling Problems and Drilling Optimization Featured Image

Drilling Problems and Drilling Optimization

Describes occurrences, preventive measures and remedial actions for common downhole drilling problems. Addresses considerations involved in drilling abnormal pressures, working in sour gas environments and planning fishing operations. Discusses procedures for optimizing bit hydraulics, bit weight and rotary speed to attain minimum cost drilling. Emphasizes importance of the mud system in meeting well objectives.