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SPE Live: Innovation in Hydraulic Fracturing

Join us for an SPE Live episode on “Innovation in Hydraulic Fracturing” with a preview of the SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference and Exhibition on 6-8 February 2024, being held in the Woodlands, Texas – USA.

We will retrace 2023 from the Hydraulic Fracturing Technical Section perspective and briefly introduce the following topics (to learn more, register to attend the 2024 HFTC)
• Stimulation and completion designs
• Diagnostic utilization
• Computational fluid dynamics
• Machine learning algorithms

A Q&A session will then follow with questions from the audience, answered by our guests.
Karen Olson, SPE Completions Technical Director, and Senior Completions Advisor at Well Data Labs
– Mike Mayerhofer, Director of Technology at Liberty Energy
Kyle Haustveit, Manager of Devon Energy Ventures

Moderated by: Peggy Rijken, Chapter Manager, Geomechanics in the Chevron Technology Center

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Held on Monday, January 22, 2024