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Automation: How Can Good Go So Bad?

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Course Credit: 0.15 CEU, 1.5 PDH

With the implementation of new technology on deep-water units, there have been huge strides made towards a safer and more efficient way of drilling wells. However, with the introduction of these advancements different challenges also arise. In fact, as new technologies are introduced, the more important team skills, or Crew Resource Management becomes. With new technology, teams change and confidence in the new roles and responsibilities can suffer, which can effect communication and ultimately decision making. Piggy backing off the success of the aviation industry, at Maersk Training, we’ve found an efficient way to ensure that teams utilize each other to mitigate human error and more fluently adapt new technologies into their operations is by integrating three pieces of training. Specifically, we focus on merging high fidelity simulations with technical training and Crew Resource Management. This presentation highlights how to best train crews going into operations with MPD.

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