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Dehydration of Carbon Dioxide for CCUS

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Course Credit: 0.1 CEU, 1 PDH

CCS is seen by many bodies such as the IEA and the IPCC as a one of the key enablers to decarbonising the economy. Transportation of CO2 is a key focal area in any CCS project but while dehydration of natural gas for transportation is well understood and regulated, the same cannot yet be said for CO2. Dehydration specifications need to consider important project parameters such as ambient temperatures, CO2 pressures, contaminants, and materials of construction.

Based on the selected specification, the most suitable method for implementing the dehydration should be selected, along with the optimum location of the dehydration equipment in the multi-stage pressure-boosting plant. These challenges and a methodology for overcoming them will be explored in this presentation.

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Nikhil Joshi
Ross Weiter