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Improving the Accuracy of New and Existing Coriolis Meters Operating on Liquids with Entrained Gas

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Course Credit: 0.15 CEU, 1.5 PDH

Coriolis meters are widely used in upstream oil and gas due to their multivariable measurement capability, low maintenance cost, and many safety advantages over alternative measurement technologies. Coriolis meters are primarily designed and calibrated for use on single-phase applications; however, Coriolis meters are often used on applications with intermittent or continuous and varying amounts of entrained gas, often resulting in significant and/or unrecognized measurement errors.

This presentation describes a theoretical development and experimental demonstration of a novel, first-principles approach to improving the accuracy of Coriolis meters operating on bubbly flows by augmenting existing Coriolis meters with a process fluid sound speed measurement. As will be described, utilizing a minimally-intrusive, add-on process fluid sound speed measurement, this approach enables Coriolis meters to maintain near single-phase accuracy over a wide range of bubbly flow conditions.

As a result, speed-of-sound augmented Coriolis technology effectively converts new and existing Coriolis meters into three-phase flow meters for bubbly liquids, offering the opportunity for improved accuracy and confidence in many applications where entrained gas may or may not be present, including production allocation, drilling fluids, and custody transfer applications. All content contained within this webinar is copyrighted by Daniel Gysling and its use and/or reproduction outside the portal requires express permission from Daniel Gysling.

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  • 1Improving the Accuracy of New and Existing Coriolis Meters Operating on Liquids with Entrained Gas - Chapter 1
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