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Liquid-Assisted Gas-Lift (LAGL) – A New Artificial Lift Method

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Course Credit: 0.15 CEU, 1.5 PDH

This webinar will present a recently developed artificial lift method called Liquid-Assisted Gas-Lift (LAGL). This new technology can be used as an artificial lift method that uses NO downhole equipment. The LAGL technology simplifies the well completion versus the traditional use of multiple gas-lift valves and mandrels or downhole pumps. This dramatically reduces the risk of tubing-to-casing leak and the frequency of well interventions while improving overall well integrity and safety. Well test data from a pilot test and a few case study results are also presented. The latter results and analyses will show how the LAGL technology can lower operational expenses while increasing safety for unconventional horizontal wells. All content contained within this webinar is copyrighted by Dr. Paulo Waltrich and its use and/or reproduction outside the portal requires express permission from Dr. Paulo Waltrich.

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Dr. Paulo Waltrich