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Novel Approaches for Solving Flow Assurance Problems

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Course Credit: 0.1 CEU, 1 PDH

When developing new fields, O&G companies may face many challenges regarding production and flow assurance. It is common that further investigation and R&D efforts are required and, as a result of this activity, new models to represent those new problems are developed. A natural way forward after experimental investigation and modeling activities is the implementation of such models in simulators, to ultimately be used for design and troubleshooting. However, commercial tools are generally “black-boxes” and do not provide the necessary customization flexibility to the end user, which prohibits them from testing new models within a reasonable timeframe.

In that light, this presentation will focus on a new framework that enables expert users to implement new models over a base 1D multiphase flow solver through its dedicated plug-in architecture. As an example of this framework, the implementation of hydrate formation, transport and agglomeration models and how other flow assurance problems such corrosion, erosion, wax deposition can be tackled using its current modeling capabilities, will be presented.

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Vinicius Girardi