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Role of Heterogeneity in SCAL Data and Recovery Processes

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Course Credit: 0.15 CEU, 1.5 PDH

Reservoir Rock & Fluid Heterogeneities and Variabilities – Impact on Recovery Processes

Heterogeneities at various measurement scales, nano scale (petrographic analysis), micro scale (Digital Rock, core analysis), bedding scale (core analysis & testing) and reservoir scale (3D and Time Lapsed/ 4D seismic) often exist depending on depositional environment and rock-fluid interaction. Maximizing recovery from petroleum reservoirs is dependent on reservoir properties, their variabilities and heterogeneities. Reservoir characterization is identification, quantification and integration of reservoir properties and their uncertainties as a function of space. Characterization of heterogeneities are essential for optimizing various recovery processes. In this presentation, examples of various heterogeneities and their impact on gravity drainage gas injection in a sandstone reservoir and natural waterflood in a carbonate reservoir are demonstrated.

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Mehdi Honarpour
Yildiray Cinar