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Diversity in Oil and Gas — How to Break the Glass Ceiling?

Join us, as we look to explore the critical issues of equality and inclusion within the oil and gas industry with this SPE Live brought to you by Chevron and Wintershall Dea. While women make up 22% of employees in the oil and gas industry worldwide, according to Catalyst data from 2020, gender diversity increases with seniority. Entry-level positions are comprised of 27% women, 17% are at senior and executive-level positions and just 1% of oil and gas CEOs are women. Diversity has many business benefits to oil and gas companies, beyond simply contributing to a fair and equal workplace and society. It’s long been reported that organizations with diverse workforces perform better financially, and a report from the Peterson Institute for International Economics in 2019 echoes this sentiment, outlining that women leaders can add 6% to a business’s bottom line. It’s clear the oil and gas sector still has some way to go before truly being diverse, particularly when it comes to attracting and promoting women. However, there are clear steps companies can take to play their part in creating a more inclusive future. This panel will look to share ideas and strategies to break the glass ceiling in the search for equity and inclusion in the oil and gas sector.

Guest Speakers:
Kimberley McHugh, Vice President of Wells, Chevron
Lina Serpa, Vice President, Wells Solutions, BP
Gretchen Haskins, Board Director, Helioffshore and Flight Safety Foundation
Janne Lea, Vice President Reservoir Management – Development and Engineering, Wintershall Dea Norge AS

The panel will be moderated by
Carole Nakhle, Chief Executive Officer of Crystol Energy.