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SPE Live: Gaia Talk - From Reservoir Engineer to Biomimic

In this SPE Live Gaia Talk with Farid Mohamed and Flora Moon, they cover the three entry points for biomimicry; product, built environment, and organizational/corporate strategy, and how nature provides insights into viable pathways into problem-solving. The methodology is science-based and provides useful resources and tools to accelerate the Energy Transition progress to net-zero and beyond to net positive. Farid Mohamed left his job as a reservoir geomechanics engineer to take a role as a biomimic and project manager. The journey from an engineer to biomimic included obtaining a master’s degree in biomimicry from Arizona State University. He sees his background in engineering and biomimicry as an advantage for solving today’s complex problems. During our talk, Flora Moon and Farid Mohamed share insights into the innovation, service and operational transformation, and holistic thinking that biomimicry unleashes.