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SPE Live: Gaia Talk - Introducing the Just Transition for Energy

With a global focus on energy transition toward more sustainable and greener energy with a positive environmental impact, it is essential to ensure that this transition is also just and considers the social and economical aspects. The term ‘Just Transition’ is a broad topic that has been embedded in various United Nations Sustainable Development goals ranging from education to health to gender equality to climate and environmental concerns to public participation in institutional decision-making. An estimate of 14 million new jobs is estimated as a result of the energy transition by 2030 (IEA Net-Zero Emissions 2050 Scenario). Over the same period, the oil and gas industry could lose 5 million positions. This major shift in the job market raises the need for active labor policies to mitigate the unemployment and skills gap consequence and proactive responses from different stakeholders to ensure no one is left behind.

Speaker: Professor Raphael Heffron, University of the West Indies.

Moderated by: Zahraa Alkalby, TotalEnergies