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SPE Live: Gaia Talk - Beyond Sustainability Towards a Thriving Future

Don’t miss this exciting Gaia Talk interview with Wayne Visser, a globally recognized thought leader and author of Thriving: The Breakthrough Movement to Regenerate Nature, Society, and the Economy, as well as 41 other books, many of them related to Sustainability, Corporate Responsibility, and Transformational Change. In this fireside chat-style conversation, Marinma Dorado, Sustainability Mindset Consultant and Gaia collaborator, asks Wayne about his reasons for optimism and hope, given the state of the world. Together, we explore the differentiation between: 1) the prevailing ESG reporting and investment frameworks (considered “weak sustainability”), 2) “strong sustainability” rooted in systems thinking within planetary boundaries, and 3) going beyond sustaining a balance into thriving within planetary boundaries. Finally, Wayne shares reflections on how to translate this information and inspiration into action to create a thriving future. We bring this back to what it means for you in your daily work, your regular operational and strategic decisions, and how you see your role in the Oil and Gas industry. What mindset shifts are needed? What new skills? Where might you be ideally positioned to make a positive contribution to a better future for the next generations? An energizing SPE Live that elevates the spirit and leaves us with tangible actions and a positive roadmap to transformation.

Speaker: Wayne Visser
Moderated by Marinma Dorado

Held on Wednesday, December 14, 2022 | 09:00:AM – 09:30:AM CT