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Utility Systems and Equipment Featured Image

Utility Systems and Equipment

This topic presents information on fuel system design, providing guidelines for determining the facility fuel requirements and information on selecting equipment needed to treat fuels prior to use. Technical explanations on Fired heaters and their uses, along with guidelines for selecting and specifying a fired heater is presented. The next tutorial provides methods for determining the amount of waste heat energy available, and presents information and procedures on the design of a waste heat recovery system. Then, various components of refrigeration and heating systems are described, and a procedure is established for sizing evaporator duties, condenser duties, compressor horsepower, fan horsepower and duct sizes. In the last two subtopics, a basic understanding of reciprocating and centrifugal pumps is provided.

Crude Oil Transportation and Storage Featured Image

Crude Oil Transportation and Storage

Every day, some 85 million barrels of crude oil are transported from producing fields to major refining centers, many of which are located hundreds or thousands of miles apart. Learn how, and at what cost, crude oil is transported in pipelines and tankers - the two most practical and economical methods for moving large volumes of crude oil over long distances.

Oilfield Development Featured Image

Oilfield Development

The development and production of an oil or gas field is among the most involved and challenging business undertakings. Learn the steps involved in field development, from its initial planning stages, through reservoir analysis, subsurface design and construction of surface facilities. This course also covers components of long-term production, reservoir management and facilities maintenance.

Surface Production Operations Featured Image

Surface Production Operations

Upon completion of this course, the participant should be able to: review surface flowing well conditions with the goal of optimizing production, describe the basic layout of an upstream producing facility and the functions of its major components, outline the general requirements for separating and treating produced oil as a basis for a detailed facility design, and plan and oversee routine field maintenance work, and maintain a safe operation through proper application of good work practices and the careful control of site activities.

Offshore Production Facilities Featured Image

Offshore Production Facilities

Starting with a broad look at the offshore oil and gas industry, including its history, current scope, trends, challenges and an overview of regulatory environments, this Topic examines the primary design considerations for offshore production facilities and identifies key drivers and decision factors in offshore project development. It goes on to describe the various types of platforms, surface components and subsea production facilities: their design features, equipment components operating considerations and areas of application. Included are discussions of offshore pipelines, production equipment and operations, and requirements for decommissioning and removal of offshore facilities. The presentation concludes with case studies of deepwater operations in West Africa and the Gulf of Mexico.


Don’t Flare, Monetize

SLB and Chord Energy join this SPE Tech Talk to demonstrate methods that can eliminate routine flaring from production facilities in the Bakken, leading to increased revenues and decreased emissions.