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Natural Gas Fluid Properties Featured Image

Natural Gas Fluid Properties

Introduces basic concepts, instrumentation and terminology used in natural gas engineering. Reviews characteristics of natural gas fluid systems. Describes devices for measuring temperature, pressure, volume, flow rate, density and other properties, and discusses well selection, conditioning and sampling procedures. Outlines methods for measuring mass flow rates and determining mixed-stream compositions.

Oil and Gas Industry Overview Featured Image

Oil and Gas Industry Overview

This course offers an overview of the expanding gas processing sector, which has been impacted by the rapid development of unconventional gas. It explains how rich natural gas is first separated into methane and NGL and transported to fractionation plants, where it is separated into ethane, LPGs (propane and butanes) and natural gasoline. Special attention is given to the various uses for these liquid hydrocarbons, the market prices and economics of various rich gas streams when separated and marketed into individual components and their historical international market supply-demand and pricing profiles.

Digital Oilfield Webinar Series: From Infancy to Current Day Featured Image

Digital Oilfield Webinar Series: From Infancy to Current Day

This new webinar series provides comprehensive information about the Digital Oilfield (DO), from it’s history to current applications. Each webinar is a 1-hour presentation followed by a 30-minute Q&A session. Session I - What Have we Learned in the First 15 Years of Digital Oilfield? Session II - Change Management and how to practically implement DOF/IO Session III - Digital Oilfield (DO) in Business

LNG Basics for Petroleum Engineers

This session will provide an overview of LNG liquefaction facilities, from inlet gas receiving to LNG storage and loading. However, the focus is on the liquefaction process and equipment. Differences among the commercially available liquefaction processes (cascade, single mixed refrigerant, propane-pre-cooled mixed refrigerant, double mixed refrigerant, nitrogen, etc.) will be discussed. The aim is to provide SPE members with a clear understanding of the technologies, equipment and process choices required for a successful LNG project. Presented by Michael Choi

LNG – Changing Quickly

This lecture presents an overview and also some recent developments in the world of LNG. Changing technology, new trade patterns and the required investment levels are touched upon in this exciting part of oil and gas. Presented by John Morgan.

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