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Lessons Learned from the First Successful Hydraulic Fracture Treatment in UAE Deep Pre-khuff Clastics

The field of this study is located offshore Abu Dhabi (UAE). The primary target reservoir is the Pre-Khuff Fm., a deep tight gas sandstone that can be found at depths exciding 16,000 ft with temperatures above 350º F. The objective of this presentation is to describe the analysis, design and implementation of hydraulic fracturing technologies that improved the well performance by more than 800% in the first successful hydraulic fracture treatment pumped offshore Abu Dhabi.

Platform and Structural Design Considerations Featured Image

Platform and Structural Design Considerations

This presentation describes planning, designing, and arranging of equipment on offshore structures for the safe and efficient production of oil and gas. General criteria is provided for designing living quarters. This content also provides the project engineer with information for determining line size, wall thickness, and pressure rating class. Miscellaneous details to be considered in designing a piping system also are discussed.

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Deepwater Drilling

The term "deepwater" has always been defined in terms of where offshore technology stood at a given moment. In the early 1960s, 500-foot water depths placed a practical limit on offshore drilling capabilities; by 2003, the water depth record had surpassed 10,000 feet. This Topic describes the equipment and technology that have made such advances possible. Starting with an overview of worldwide drilling activity, it looks at the characteristics of deepwater environments and the challenges they pose with respect to rig requirements and offshore project management. It goes on to discuss the systems, equipment and considerations involved in deepwater well planning, design and construction. It then examines some of the innovative solutions to deepwater drilling challenges, ranging from riserless drilling to dual activity operations. Finally, it presents several case studies to show how these solutions have been applied in the Gulf of Mexico, offshore eastern Canada and the North Sea.

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Oil and Gas Pipelines

This topic covers the engineering design and construction aspects of oil and gas pipelines. Discusses pipeline history, key design considerations (including hydraulic calculations and mechanical strength), onshore and offshore constructions practices, cost estimating, current operating practices and potential operating problems.

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Offshore Production Facilities

Starting with a broad look at the offshore oil and gas industry, including its history, current scope, trends, challenges and an overview of regulatory environments, this Topic examines the primary design considerations for offshore production facilities and identifies key drivers and decision factors in offshore project development. It goes on to describe the various types of platforms, surface components and subsea production facilities: their design features, equipment components operating considerations and areas of application. Included are discussions of offshore pipelines, production equipment and operations, and requirements for decommissioning and removal of offshore facilities. The presentation concludes with case studies of deepwater operations in West Africa and the Gulf of Mexico.

Get to Know: Women in Energy with Veronica Henrichsen Featured Image

Get to Know: Women in Energy with Veronica Henrichsen

In this installment of Get To Know: Women In Energy, we are joined by Veronica Henrichsen, Assistant Driller at Odfjell Technology. In this episode, Veronica shares her insights working as an assistant driller, and reflects on how her childhood in Norway contributed to her love of the offshore lifestyle.