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SPE Live: The Three Pillars of Energy Transition - Digital, Skills, and Investment Policy

The energy business is progressively transforming to solve the energy trilemma. The world indeed needs an energy mix that offers a mix of secure and reliable energies, affordable and available energies, and reduced greenhouse emissions. The transition from a 100% carbon-based industry to a more equilibrated and sustainable mix is a long transformational road. Three major levers can be activated though, to facilitate such transformational challenge.

Join this SPE Live moderated by Pierre-Emmanuel d’Huart, and our guests David Whitehouse, Kirsten Pasturel, and JinHan Lim, ahead of the 50th Birthday edition of SPE Offshore Europe, as they share their expert perspective on how digital initiatives, robust geo-engineering skills, and innovative investment policies are essential to the energy transition.

2023 Offshore Europe SPE Live: Sustainable Energy for the Next 50 Years
Held on Wednesday, July 26, 2023