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Pressure/Production Data Analysis Featured Image

Pressure/Production Data Analysis

Analyze and interpret pressure and production data for incorporation into the reservoir model. Upon completion of this module, the participant should be able to: review and acquire well test information, validate pressure test information, prepare well test data for analysis, diagnose and interpret the pressure test, design and interpret production records, and analyze production behavior.

I MPD...Do You? Featured Image

I MPD...Do You?

This discussion will take a close look at Managed Pressure Drilling in the context of Winner or Also Ran. For those new to MPD, a brief overview will allow everyone to be on a common page. Deployment on land, offshore and deepwater will be discussed, with case studies of why it was deployed and if the objective was achieved. Further, each case will also interrogate additional benefits that surpassed expectations. Analysis of MPD failures will also be discussed, so the argument is balanced. On conclusion, the audience will be able to assess for themselves… MPD a winner? And if not, why not?

Managed Pressure Drilling Featured Image

Managed Pressure Drilling

Managed Pressure Drilling includes pressure control methods and technologies tailored to drill previously un-drillable wells and reduce non-productive time in challenging wells such as HPHT, brown field redevelopment projects and exploratory wells. Current methods, technologies and recent improvements will be discussed. Presented by Don Reitsma

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