• Digital Twins in Oil & Gas Operations – On-ground Realities

    Join us for this webinar, where we take a deeper look at the practical aspects of implementing a digital twin, review real-life examples, and discuss the challenges and benefits involved.

    A digital twin provides a virtual representation of a physical object using data from the physical object to perform various what-if analyses in real-time, even before the scenarios have happened. In the oil and gas industry, this translates to enhanced safety, predictive scenario modeling for complex operations, better learning and knowledge retention, improved productivity, and overall enhanced operational efficiency.

    Digital twin technology provides oil and gas companies a powerful platform to assimilate and analyze vast amounts of production data. Digital twins can be used for predictive maintenance operations, smart HSE, optimizing drilling plans, simulation of production imbalances or equipment reliability issues, and rapid scenario modeling for global economic conditions—all of which can greatly improve efficiencies and reduce carbon footprints while increasing ROI. However questions and hesitations still remain regarding the ground reality of implementing them in oil and gas companies.

    Held on Thursday, 4 August 2022 | 1000-1100 hours CT (UTC -5)

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    Tom Franklin
    Global Director of TCS Business
    4.0 of Excellence
    for Energy & Resources

    Sandeep Navale
    Industry Director, IOTDE, TCS

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