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SPE Live: Funding O&G Development with Distributed/Micro Financing - A Conversation with Laura Pommer, CEO of EnergyFunders

Oil and gas developments are capital intensive with potentially long lead times to bring oil/gas to market (approvals, financing, drilling, facilities, etc). Market changes have prompted some lending institutions to opt out of funding extractive industry efforts (mining/oil and gas). In addition to traditional private capital markets, a new form of distributed (micro) financing has emerged to enable multiple individuals/entities to invest in oil and gas projects. Laura Pommer, CEO of EnergyFunders joins us for a conversation on oil and gas project funding, emerging trends, and to share her thoughts on entrepreneurship.

Moderated by: Michael Cronin, SPE TWA Advisor, and Reservoir Engineer at ExxonMobil.

Speaker: Laura Pommer, CEO and Lead Geologist, EnergyFunders.

Held on Monday, December 4, 2023