• Event Package: Fracture Diagnostics - 2022 Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference  

    Explore this collection of fracture diagnostics paper presentations from the 2022 SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technical Conference. Learn more about utilizing diagnostics to differentiate new fracture creation vs old fracture reactivation, monitoring inter-well communication and drainage frac height using geochemical fingerprinting, and quantifying the effects of fracture-driven interactions on flowback recovery linked to completion efficiency. 

    This package has been curated to bring you some of the best presentations from recent SPE events. 


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    Video Time Stamp  Presentation Title / Paper Number 
    00:32  Did We Break New Rock? Utilizing Diagnostics to Differentiate New Fracture Creation vs Old Fracture Reactivation: A Meramec and Wolfcamp Study (OnePetro: SPE- 209123 -MS) 
    21:30  Time-Lapse Monitoring of Inter-Well Communication and Drainage Frac Height Using Geochemical Fingerprinting Technology with Case Studies in the Midland Basin (OnePetro:  SPE- 209145 -MS) 
    41:43  Look Who’s Talking – Quantifying the Lasting Effects of Fracture-Driven Interactions (OnePetro: SPE- 209124 -MS) 
    59:05  Linking Flowback Recovery to Completion Efficiency: Niobrara-DJ Basin Case Study (OnePetro: SPE- 209136 -MS) 


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  • Event Package: Fracture Diagnostics - 2022 Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference  

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