• IADC Dull Code Upgrade: Objectives and Organization   

    This paper presentation describes the progress in upgrading the IADC dull code system—a compact, text-based way to describe the bit condition. Improvements were necessary to address the introduction of automated systems, machine learning, evolving products, and the requirement for more detailed analysis.  

    The key objectives are to: rework the IADC dull grading system to better support continuous improvement workflow, root cause analysis, reduce the subjectivity inherent in the current system, support human and emerging automated bit dull grading systems, and create a best practice for a digital storage format including searchable metadata. 

    More than 160 volunteer subject matter experts have been divided into four workgroups to focus on: 1) a qualitative classification scheme for PDC cutters, drill bits, and tools, 2) BHAs, motors, RSS tools, and stabilizers, 3) case studies, and 4) data definition, storage, retrieval, and exchange. 

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    This presentation is from the 2022 IADC/SPE International Drilling Conference and Exhibition.   

    • Paper Number: SPE-208787-MS  
    • Published: 1 March 2022  
    • Authors: Paul Pastusek; Dustin Daechsel; Robin Macmillan; Robert van Kuilenburg; Chris Propes; David Shackleton; Dustin Lyles; Jim Oberkircher; Jonathan Sharples; Paul Neil; Roland Illerhaus; Tom Roberts; Willie Watson 

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  • IADC Dull Code Upgrade: Objectives and Organization    

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