• Real-Time-as-a-Service Increases Efficiency, Agility, and Consistency 

    Oil and gas operators use data collected from well operations for real-time monitoring, performance analysis, and remote operations.  To address issues from manually provisioning capex-heavy IT infrastructure and applications, the authors commissioned a public-cloud, real-time-as-a-service solution, which increased performance and consistency of real-time data access for a Norwegian operator, as well as improved operating efficiency and innovation.  

    A distributed architecture reduces failure points and enables horizontal scaling. Open-source technologies lower maintenance costs and reduce the technical debt accumulated by maintaining the proprietary incumbent system. As a result of this solution, real-time performance increased by more than 83%. The operator also observed a significant improvement in service and data quality.  

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    This presentation is from the 2022 IADC/SPE International Drilling Conference and Exhibition.   

    • Paper Number: SPE-208790-MS  
    • Published: 1 March 2022  
    • Authors: Andreas Sadlier; Nazaad Baksh 

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  • Real-Time-as-a-Service Increases Efficiency, Agility, and Consistency 

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