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SPE Live: Rock and Fluid Data: An Integrated Effort on Improving Subsurface Analysis and Modeling Workflows

This SPE Live focuses on the critical role of SCAL data in subsurface analysis and modeling within the oil industry. It highlights the development and use of a comprehensive database, integrating extensive analyses done on special core analysis data. This database, featuring data from numerous wells and over a hundred fields, is accessible through standard interfaces and is structured to allow users to analyze data across various parameters like lithostratigraphic units and geological times.

The conversation aims to address the complexities in integrating and standardizing SCAL data, which often serve as both input and output across different disciplines in the oil industry.

Additionally, it showcases the application of industrial DataOps technology and the collaborative efforts of domain experts, data managers, and technologists in enhancing the value and usability of SCAL data.

During the conversation, we will also mention the use of machine learning for automated trend analysis and its role in model generation, along with a demonstration of a state-of-the-art workflow in generating SCAL model input for reservoir simulation.

Speaker: Egil Boye Petersen, Special Advisor Reservoir Technology at Aker BP ASA

Moderated by: Stefano Pruno, Technical Advisor Core Analysis at Stratum Reservoir

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Held on Wednesday, February 14, 2024