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Portfolio Performance Optimization Featured Image

Portfolio Performance Optimization

Using modern portfolio management theory and practice the learner will use your methanol company's current enterprise wide operating assets and new exploration opportunities to optimize the performance of it's integrated portfolio. In the process you will learn to build and manage the portfolio as you review the current assets and new opportunities using portfolio management techniques and within the existing investment environment. The learner will be able to: learn to apply Portfolio Management to exploration opportunities, learn what an efficient frontier is and its role in portfolio performance optimization, learn the various ways you can go about rebalancing your enterprise portfolio, know how to apply passive and active portfolio rebalancing.

Flowing Well Performance and Production System Analysis Featured Image

Flowing Well Performance and Production System Analysis

Establish Inflow Performance Relationship (IPR) and determine flowing well potential. Use systems analysis approach to predict and optimize production. Upon completion of this module, the participant should be able to: use production data to define a well's IPR and flow potential under current operating conditions, predict changes in well potential resulting from declining reservoir pressures, evaluate the effects of various operating parameters on flowing well performance, design a single-well production system based on analysis of individual system components, select the appropriate tubing and flowline diameters for optimizing well performance, and predict future production rates based on changing operating conditions.

Surface Production Operations Featured Image

Surface Production Operations

Upon completion of this course, the participant should be able to: review surface flowing well conditions with the goal of optimizing production, describe the basic layout of an upstream producing facility and the functions of its major components, outline the general requirements for separating and treating produced oil as a basis for a detailed facility design, and plan and oversee routine field maintenance work, and maintain a safe operation through proper application of good work practices and the careful control of site activities.

Drilling Problems and Drilling Optimization Featured Image

Drilling Problems and Drilling Optimization

Describes occurrences, preventive measures and remedial actions for common downhole drilling problems. Addresses considerations involved in drilling abnormal pressures, working in sour gas environments and planning fishing operations. Discusses procedures for optimizing bit hydraulics, bit weight and rotary speed to attain minimum cost drilling. Emphasizes importance of the mud system in meeting well objectives.