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Portfolio Performance Optimization Featured Image

Portfolio Performance Optimization

Using modern portfolio management theory and practice the learner will use your methanol company's current enterprise wide operating assets and new exploration opportunities to optimize the performance of it's integrated portfolio. In the process you will learn to build and manage the portfolio as you review the current assets and new opportunities using portfolio management techniques and within the existing investment environment. The learner will be able to: learn to apply Portfolio Management to exploration opportunities, learn what an efficient frontier is and its role in portfolio performance optimization, learn the various ways you can go about rebalancing your enterprise portfolio, know how to apply passive and active portfolio rebalancing.

Gas Well Testing Featured Image

Gas Well Testing

Presents the fundamental theory and mathematical basis for determining gaswell performance from well test data. Outlines field testing procedures and interpretation methods.

Seismic Stratigraphic Modeling Featured Image

Seismic Stratigraphic Modeling

This topic details the four basic rules to follow when acquiring seismic data for stratigraphic purposes and the four different processes for maximizing resolution in stratigraphic processing. It outlines two methods for extracting stratigraphic information from seismic data, describes lateral and vertical resolution and explains how these variables are used to interpret stratigraphic traps on seismic sections. The course lists three common sources used for acquiring seismic data and how their wavelets differ. Two variations in seismic amplitude responses due to changes in the type of pore fluid are defined. How the pore fluid type affects the seismic parameters of reflectivity, acoustic impedance and reflection coefficients are identified. The relationship between velocity and depth in terms of history and porosity is explained. The stratigraphic modeling categories are listed. The differences between forward and inverse modeling are outlined. The difference between one-dimensional and multi-dimensional modeling is described. How to generate a synthetic seismogram is discussed. The differences between an acoustic impedance log and a sonic log are identified. The inversion modeling process is described. The effects of attenuation and geometric spreading on inversion data is explained. Limitations with the AVO method are identified. The theory on which the AVO method is based is outlined.

Hydraulic Fracturing Featured Image

Hydraulic Fracturing

Introduces fundamental concepts of hydraulic fracturing and describes the tools, equipment, materials and procedures involved in hydraulic fracturing treatments. Discusses theoretical and practical aspects of job design, execution and evaluation, including case studies and examples of successful treatments. Duration: 6 hours, 30 minutes Content: Hydraulic Fracturing Fundamentals Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids Proppants Fracturing Equipment and Operations Fracture Treatment Design Hydraulic Fracturing Treatment Evaluation