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SPE Live: The Importance of Human Factors in the Analysis and Investigation of Accidents

In a world where the complexity of work environments brings uncertainties arising from the complex combination of technology, people and processes, immersed in a distinct organizational culture, it is necessary to evolve, to reach new frontiers of safety and productivity. Therefore, concepts, theories, and practices capable of understanding and analyzing these complex sociotechnical contexts are needed, expanding the horizon of action and intervention. The Human Factors approach, in this context, emerges as a way to deal with the interactions in these complex scenarios, from the human element perspective, understanding all the factors that can influence their performance. Thus, Human Factors is not simply the plural of “the human factor”, but a systemic, integrative and multidisciplinary approach, capable of understanding, analyzing and intervening in today’s increasingly complex workplaces. In this SPE Live, we talk about the relationship between the so-called non-technical skills and Human Factors, the importance of Human Factors in the analysis and investigation of accidents, challenges for the implementation of a Human Factors journey in our O&G Industry, and more.

Josué E. Maia França, VP of ABRISCO and Chair of SPE Human Factors Technical Section
Camille Peres, Associate Professor at Texas A&M University

Moderated by José Carlos Bruno, Petroleum Engineer at Petrobras.

Held on Monday, June 12, 2023